exclusively for ladies
A whole new lease of life...

At Woodlands we hope that our ladies will be stimulated and energised by the range of social activities on offer. There are daily activity programmes to give us all that 'get up and go' feeling, and as well as TV, DVD/video and library facilities for quieter times, we also invite a number of entertainers to Woodlands. Some of the social opportunities offered include:

bullet Musicians
bullet Regular entertainers
bullet Line dancers
bullet Arts and crafts activities

We are always happy to help you arrange shopping trips and visits to local places of interest so that you can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. Personal excursions with family members and friends can also be arranged to suit the individual.

Whilst we offer wonderful opportunities to share a busy social life with other residents, we also recognise it is important to many of our ladies that they retain their ties with their friends and their previous communities. As well as personal social visits from family and friends, visits from clergy and other community leaders are always welcomed and encouraged.

There is also always the opportunity to find quiet, private space at Woodlands for when you want to relax, alone or with close family. Your needs are our priority; Woodlands is your home, and we are delighted to share it with you.